Steps to Clay Your Car And Get It Shine!

Steps to Clay Your Car And Get It Shine!


How To Use?
- Very simple! Use it with your car detergent when u are washing your car. Do not use it on dry surface!


Step to follows:

1. Do a thorough rinse on your car to remove dust and other particles on your car paint and glass surface.
2. Once done, prepare your car wash with detergent. But instead of using sponge, use clay bar.
3. Flatten the clay bar and lubricate it with your car detergent and start washing with applying a light pressure on the clay bar but not too hard.
3. Run through all surface of your car and alway check if your clay bar has collected the contamination. If yes, squeeze the clay bar together like playing play doh then form a new flat surface and continue washing.
4. Once complete, rinsed off the detergent with water and now you are done.
5. Lastly, dry your car and you should see the different.


Do not drop the clay on the floor as it will stain with fine stone or particles. If you do squeeze it and form a new surface, or else get a new clay bar and continue.

Clay only every 3months.