What does our Digital Car Voltage USB charger do?

What does our Digital Car Voltage USB charger do?


To ensure you have less worry about your car, the digital car charger has the following features and reasons for you to get one.

Reasons/ Functions:

  • Monitor your car battery life
  • Monitor and ensure that your car alternator is charging your car healthy
  • Digital control your handphone charging rate over the USB port.

How to read my car battery healthy lifespan?

A healthy car battery voltage falls between 12V to 12.5V when engine is not turn on. If the reading of your car battery falls below 12V , you are advise to change your battery immediately. 

To help you to read your car battery, here are the following step:

Using Key to start car:

  • Insert your key into your car ignition key hole
  • Turn your key to ACC mode without starting your battery
  • You will realised that your dashboard sign will light up similarly your car cigrette socket will power up. this will start up the digital car voltage read for you to read your car batter life.

Push to start car:

  • get on to your driver seat
  • without stepping on your brake, press the push start button and release.
  • once the dashboard sign light up, your cigrette socket will also power and you will have your reading.

Please note that if you have just driven your car, let it rest for 10 to 15 mins before you get your accurate reading.