24 hours Car Camera Power Box Kit

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24 hours Car Camera Power Box Kit

- Suitable for 12v to 24v vehicle installation
- 3 meters long wire...
- Easy installation by tap on car fuse
- Auto cut power if your car battery is below 11.6v for 12v car battery and 23.2v for 24v car battery
- No more worry about drain out your car battery.
- Easy to hide the mini Power box kit.

USB Type available:
- Mini USB
- Micro USB


1. Location your car fuse compartment under your dashboard
2. Locate your central lock fuse
3. Pull out the central lock fuse
4. Coil the red colour wire over on pin of your car fuse and push it back in
5. Coil the black wire to any bolt on the side of your dashboard body.
6. Plug in the USB adaptor into your car camera.

Now you are good to go.