3M Car Door Big D Soundproof insulator And Waterproof Seal

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Wanted A Better Sound Effect In Your Car! Get It Seal Now!

3M Car Door Big D Soundproof insulator And Waterproof Seal

- 100% Better Sound Quanlity In Your Car
- Prevent rainwater slipping in and while washing your car
- More Silent in Car as external sound reduces while you are on road
- Car Travel Sound reduces by 50% (travel on 120km/h, exterior sound heard is 80km/h)

Normal Car Seal Average length per door: 3.5meters to 4 meters.

Each set comes with 16meters length of 3M Car Door Seal. It more than enough for all type of vehicles.

Price per set: 

-8 Meters $20 (2 doors)

- 16 Meters $40 ( 4 doors)


1. Why Not 3M Small D Seal?

Ans: It is because 3M small D seal has a smaller diameter. All cars are manufactured very differently and due to the design car door, small D seal might not conceal the door frame properly.

2. I saw quite a number of seller given instruction that seal on car door side and not the car body frame side or other car gap areas. Why is yours different?

Ans: Sealing on the door side or car gap area might not be 100% soundproof seal on your car. We have personally tested the sound quailty by conceal door in different menthod and the best soundproof and waterproof seal is along the car body door frame area.


Installation Instructions:

1. Clean the area along the car body door frame with a wet cloth
2. Ensure the surface of the frame is dry and free of dust or particals.
3. Start sealing from the based of the car door frame
4. Do not stretch the seal went you apply on your frame
5. Go round the door frame till you reach the starting end
6. Cut it off at the point where you reach the end to end

Please Note:
-Stick along the car mental frame surface and not the rubber or plastic area.
-Try not to touch any water between 24 hours after applying
- Car door closing will be silght hard for a very short period, thereafter will be back as per normal.

Now you are done. Do see the following picture of some pointers to take note when sealing