Car fuse Adaptor (12 pcs set)

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Finding a hard time cut your car wiring to tap on the power?

Now you can do it without hassle! Car fuse adaptor allow you to tap on the power in your car for car camera, led light etc.

Set includes:
- 2 wiring slicer
- 5 fuses ( 5A, 7.5A, 10A , 15A, 20A)
- U shape connector
- Fuse Adaptor
- 1 fuse caliper
- female wiring pin with rubber concealer

We rest assure that all product are QC before customer purchase.

How to use it?


1. Connect your positive wire to the fuse adaptor wire
2. Connect the negative wire to the U shape connector
3. Locate the fuse that you like to tap-on and remove your current fuse from your fuse box
4. Slot your currenct fuse into the inner fuse slot and place a new fuse with the required amp into the outer fuse slot (see picture below)
5. Plug in the fuse adaptor to the fuse box.
6. Connect the U shape connect which have your negative to any of the car nut at your car dashboard.

Now it is good to go.